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Clean Coders – 2015 Complete Collection [Episode 01-36]

Clean Coders - 2015 Complete Collection [Episode 01-36]

Clean Coders – 2015 Complete Collection [Episode 01-36]

Clean Coders – 2015 Complete Collection [Episode 01-36] | 55.8 GB

Year: 2011-2015
Author: Uncle Bob
Duration: 35 hours
Type of material dispensed: Video Tutorial
Language English
Description: Clean Code – is a series of training videos for professional programmers. Author – Robert Martin, also known as Uncle Bob (Uncle Bob), an expert in the design and development of software. I propose a set of principles of object-oriented design SOLID, became co-author of the Agile Manifesto. He is the author of books such as:

Agile Principles, Patterns, And Practices in C #
Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship
The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers

and others.
The course itself explains the principles of writing “clean code”: how to name the variables / methods / classes, how to break the code on the functions and modules, how to format the code. Careful attention is paid to the technique of TDD and everything connected with it: the design of tests, order writing tests, mokam. Considered in detail each of the principles SOLID. Several episodes devoted to the separation of components of the programs, links between them. Further, the basic patterns of object-oriented design, formulated the principles of “pure architecture” applications.
The course is built in the form of a dialogue, a lot of characters played by Robert Martin. Some of them – are the heroes of films (such as Spock, Doctor Who, Kirk), the other – a vivid characters: Einstein with a German accent, a bearded engineer who explains Einstein’s scientific speech in simple words, Sherlock Holmes with a pipe, a monk, and of course inseparable threesome Programmers: Danny Dotnet, Ruby Rod and Jerry Java. Uncle Bob himself plays the role of a wise and patient teacher, who, nevertheless, loses his funny when referring to XML.
Each episode begins with a short introduction in which he lucidly explains a scientific fact, mainly from the field of physics or astronomy.
English language course is very simple and straightforward. Those who are able to read technical documentation problems with listening comprehension will arise. Yes, and their thoughts the author is able to articulate clearly.

Contents :

E01 – Clean Code
E02 – Names
E03 – Functions
E03a – Testable Html Sequence
E03b – Prime Generator Sequence
E03c – Video Store Sequence
E04 – Function Structure
E04a – Stack Kata Screencast
E05 – Form
E05a – Lychrel Numbers Screencast
E06 – TDD Part 1
E06 – TDD Part 2
E07 – Architecture, Use Cases, and High Level Design
E08 – Foundations of the SOLID principles
E09 – The Single Responsibility Principle
E09a – MasterMind.zip
E10 – The Open-Closed Principle
E11 – The Liskov Substitution Principle Part 1
E11 – The Liskov Substitution Principle Part 2
E12 – The Interface Segregation Principle
E13 – The Dependency Inversion Principle
E14 – Solid Case Study
E15 – SOLID Components
E16 – Component Cohesion.mov
E17 – Component Coupling
E18 – Component Case Study
E18a – Diagrams.zip
E19 – Advanced TDD – Part 1
E19 – Advanced TDD – Part 2
E19a – Extras-P1.zip
E19b – Extras-P2.zip
E20 – Clean Tests
E20a – Extras.zip
E21 – Test Design
E21a – Extras.zip
E22 – Test Process
E22a – Extras.zip
E23 – Mocking – Part 1
E23 – Mocking – Part 2
E23a – Extras-v2.zip
E24 – Transformation Priority Premise – Part 1
E24 – Transformation Priority Premise – Part 2
E24a – Extras.zip
E25 – Design Patterns
E25a – Extras.zip
E26 – Factories
E26a – Extras.zip
E27 – Strategy & Template Method Patterns
E27a – Extras.zip
E28 – Finite State Machines and The State Pattern
E28a – Extras.zip
E29 – SMC Parser
E29a – Extras.zip
E30 – SMC Generator.mp4
E31 – The Observe Pattern
E32 – Pile O’Patterns
E33 – Pattern Roundup
E34 – Pattern Apocalypse
E35 – Behavior driven development
E36 – Behavior driven development Design

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