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BioShock Infinite [MULTI 5|2013] 1GB+DLC

BioShock Infinite 2013

PC Game: BioShock Infinite – FLT Release
Release Date: March 26, 2013
MSRP: 59.99 USD
RP-M+ for Rating Pending, Targeting a Rating of Mature or Above
Genre: Shooter
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Irrational Games

MSRP: $0.00 with pirate discount
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German
3 DVD’s – 1GB – 17 Downloads.
Game install is “pending”GB
Game installed on Windows7/64bit/Home Premium


Game Info :
Welcome to the city of Columbia. Floating amongst the clouds, cruising far above sea level, this is a place unlike any you’ve ever seen.
Please enjoy your voyage…

The third game in the popular Bioshock series, BioShock Infinite breaks away from the underwater setting of the first two games to take
players into a floating city held aloft by dirigibles. The game is set in 1912. You play as Booker DeWitt, a disgraced former private
detective who’s picked up a new case. Your goal is to find Elizabeth, a young woman who’s gone missing and return her unharmed. The only
problem is that she’s being kept on this flying city. Columbia was once a symbol of America’s success as a nation, floating around the world
as a traveling World’s Fair, a marvel of human innovation. But strange things have happened since Columbia’s unveiling in 1900, and now the
city has disappeared into the clouds. DeWitt knows how to find it, but over the years stories have been told about Columbia having unlawful
heavy armament and deranged citizenry. Do not expect this to be a pleasure cruise.

Game Features
The City in the Sky – Leave the depths of Rapture to soar among the clouds of Columbia. A technological marvel, the flying city is a
beautiful and vibrant world that holds a very dark secret.
Unlikely Mission – Set in 1912, former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt must rescue a mysterious girl from the sky-city of Columbia or never
leave it alive.
Whip, Zip, and Kill – Turn the city’s Sky-Lines into weaponized roller coasters as you zip through the flying city and dish out fatal hands-
on punishment.
Tear Through Time – Open Tears in time and space to shape the battlefield and turn the tide in combat by pulling weapons, turrets, and other
resources out of thin air.
Vigorous Powers – Throw explosive fireballs, shoot lightning, and release murders of crows as devastatingly powerful Vigors surge through
your body to be unleashed against all that oppose you.
Custom Combat Experience – With deadly weapons in one hand, powerful Vigors in the other, and the ability to open Tears in time and space,
fight your own way through the floating city of Columbia to rescue Elizabeth and reach freedom.
1999 Mode – Open your own Tear to 1999 to experience the design and balance that hardcore gamers enjoyed back in the 20th century.

Minimum System Requirement
OS: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 32-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 2.7 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Drive: 20 GB free
Video Card: DirectX10 Compatible ATI Radeon HD 3870 / NVIDIA 8800 GT / Intel HD 3000 Integrated Graphics
Video Card Memory: 512 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

1GB links. 17 Downloads.
3 – DVD’s
Language: English/Spanish/French/German/Italian
5% Winrar Recovery Record included in downloads


Download links :



















password: tooth


Check the files you downloaded……….


Got Problem Files ??? We got the fix for corrupt files!
1. Within Winrar, run “test archive” to check your files.
2. If you have a problem file, run winrar “repair”. Then test again.
3. Re-Download the file again usually fixes the corrupt file.
Still have a problem download?
4. MD5 Hash Value – HashTab provides an easy way to verify file integrity and authenticity.
To check your download with the original uploaded file, compare the MD5 Hash Value.

google HashTab v4.0.0 Setup.zip or download here: http://implbits.com/HashTab.aspx

-Small file. Add to your system. How it works:
1- after install, right click properties of the file.
2- go to Hash Tab/File Hashes tab
3- program generates a unique number (MD5) to identify a specific file.
-if your number does not match mine, that would be the problem file. You
would need to re-download the file again and that usually fixes the problem.
-This is quite simple to do and we can identity the specific problem file.

MD5 Hash Value-BioShock Infinite 1GB MD5 hash values
part 01-9A8D6245D3314A82B0ADA9B7F03E0234
part 02-119F499D7278A836A58ADFC598DED5BA
part 03-5F50A88B8A15748916D491FEF133007D
part 04-AA286DCA18C101040B1B5A2035E7C98D
part 05-7197ABC9247B09BF92EB150CBBBACE66
part 06-05AA30D9EB802EB44BE3B639F92E0D01
part 07-28899996B1429DEC0E3A6FE8B93B9AA0
part 08-DCBD6C3047E5F115FD7B12BA64F11BD2
part 09-FD9BBAE1D9D02415750C08C96F6DA0DB
part 10-DFB76A0C608C4D7C7AABBFFA0214C753
part 11-001078C7D2E1972E68FBF56ECBD480F0
part 12-0EA04B826D12FED401E74D3AD9F7ADD7
part 13-377F525251D8017CD911C77ECE687224
part 14-9A8A07B6F6E87A3CFEFE2CA72DDC3294
part 15-971F9700E91E952BE0023DF9AA753A7B
part 16-31AF9DA55CE3EE35371B201AC9EDED49
part 17-B561A68091857CCA55EC7D6E8EEACF09


About the crack files I post in my topic:
I dont make, alter, or modify original crack files. I only post
cracks from well known cracking groups. ALL game topics I upload,
I test out the game with original crack files and launch the game.
I scan the orignal crack files with McAfee AV at a minimum. If you
are not comfortable with cracking groups altering the binary file,
then dont download. What I post is NOT “tooth’s” cracks.


RELOADED update1 which is game v1.1.21.26939
*instructions inside to move FLT save folder into RLD save location


password: tooth



password: tooth



password: tooth
Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Game Fixesare you getting this:
I get an error like “CRC failed in the encrypted file (wrong password ?)”!
RAR cannot distinguish a corrupt file and wrong password. If it were possible, it
would make encryption weaker. Therefore, such a message may indicate both a wrong
password and a corrupt file.
Most likely it is not a password problem, but a download that was corrupt.
Open Winrar, select “commands” drop down list , “test archived files” to find out
what file/files are giving you this error.
If you identified the problem link do one or more of the following:
1-“winrar repair” the specific file
2-RE-Download the problem link and that should fix your problem.
For best performance and video quality, please make sure you have
the latest drivers for your video card and DirectX when running this game.Latest ATI Drivers:


Latest NVIDIA Drivers:


DirectX End-User Runtime:


Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)


Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64)


Latest Creative Labs Drivers:


Latest Intel Drivers:


Latest AMD Drivers:


Latest Saitek Drivers:





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