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Effortless English – Complete All 5 Courses


Effortless English – Complete All 5 Courses (Interactive Tutorials)

Effortless English – Complete All 5 Courses (Interactive Tutorials)
English | 4.8GB
Genre: eLearning
Course Website : http://www.power-english.net/tag/effortless-english

This is one of the best, very comprehensive and the easiest to learn English tutorial. Contains eBooks, Audio Files, Exercises and Guide. Grammar is not the key to speaking English easily, and fast. The best English learners are children, of course. Why? Because they dont study grammar and they dont learn from textbooks. They use the Effortless English Rules. This Effortless method is very powerful. Very, very powerful!

5 Courses:
1. Learn The 7 Rules For Excellent English
2. Flow English (Intermediate Level Lessons)
3. Success Business Lessons
4. New Method Learning English
5. Real English Conversation Pack

1) Learn The 7 Rules For Excellent English
How you learn 4-5 times faster.
How you learn quickly, easily, and automatically like a native speaker.
How you learn correct English grammar, without studying grammar rules.
RULE 1: Study Phrases, Not Individual Words
RULE 2: Dont Study Grammar
RULE 3: The Most Important Rule- Listen First
RULE 4: Slow, Deep Learning Is Best
RULE 5: Use Point Of View Mini-Stories
RULE 6: Only Use Real English Lessons & Materials
RULE 7: Listen and Answer, not Listen and Repeat

2) Flow English (Intermediate Level Lessons)
Flow English Lessons focus mostly on deep learning of the past tense and the most common idioms. Flow English Lessons are also perfect for intermediate level learners who want to speak English faster, more easily, and more quickly.

3) Success Business Lessons
8 complete lesson sets.
* The secrets to improving in your job or career
* The number one secret to success in business
* The Effortless Success audio-book, with text
* How to start your own small business
* How to market and grow your career or business

4) New method learning English
Effortless English uses the best research in the world, from top experts such as: Dr. Stephen Krashen, Dr. James Asher, Dr. J. Marvin Brown, Dr. Ashley Hastings, Dr. Brenda Murphy, David Long and Blaine Ray. The research is clear´┐Ż students who use Effortless English are better speakers than students who use textbooks, grammar, and self-study only. In every country, in every possible situation, students who learn with Effortless English methods always win against students who use old methods.
The course give you
* The incredible Way to Learn Vocabulary and Grammar Without Study Listen & Answer Mini-Stories. These lessons are simple and amazing. You learn grammar and vocabulary without study or memorizing.
* The Deep Learning method that helps members use English automatically. No more translating. No more thinking. The words just come out.
* The way to learn English in a relaxing way by listening to real English articles about interesting topics.
* The way to avoid grammar study and instead learn grammar like children naturally.
* How my best students learn, how they study, and how you can learn English faster.
* How to raise your iBT TOEFL speaking and listening scores 20%, 30%, or even 40%.
* Lessons that help you learn English 4X faster.

5) Real English Conversation Pack
The Real English Conversation Pack builds on the Effortless English system.
In these lessons, you get the same great Effortless English system you love.
Each lesson set contains a real conversation between native speakers. No actors.
All lessons also include:
* Audio Recording of a Real English Conversation
* Audio Vocabulary Lessons
* Mini-Story Lessons
* Text Transcripts for EVERYTHING!

You learn
* The real, casual conversation that native English speakers use everyday with each other. This is not formal English. This is the real English that real people use.
* A huge number of common idioms the slang you cant find in a dictionary or textbook.
* Real conversations about real topics the topics that real people talk about in their daily lives.
And thats not all! Youll ALSO discover:
* How to automatically speak like a native speaker.
* How to never be confused by native speakers again.
* How to learn grammar effortlessly, without studying grammar rules.
* How to learn vocabulary 3-4 times faster, without memorizing.
* How to improve your TOEFL speaking score.
* How native speakers really pronounce words and phrases- its not like textbooks and its not like CNN


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