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Freeletics Workout

Freeletics Workout l 217 MB

“Train like an athlete to look like an athlete
Freeletics offers high-intensity workouts to
get an athletic body simply by using your
bodyweight – no machines, no weights!”

-Go from regular or overweight to fit in just over 3 months.

This is the only COMPLETE Freeletics torrent that exist
at the time (February 2014). Unlike the other torrents
available – this has ALL of the Freeletics workouts,
all 19 of them (such as ‘Aphrodite’ and ‘Zeus’.
It even has the 10 ‘MAX’ workouts, video tutorials for all
24 exercises you will come across while doing Freeletics,
and complete instructions in pdf on how you should train etc.
Again, this has absolutely everything that is offered to
the paid members of Freeletics – nothing is left out.


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