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InfiniteSkills – Advanced HTML5 Training Video

InfiniteSkills – Advanced HTML5 Training Video

Series Intro
JavaScript Basics

2. Intro To The JavaScript Language
Writing To Your HTML Page
Using Variables
Types Of Data
Using Functions
Responding To Events
Lab – Adding An Alert

3. Little More JavaScript
Interacting With HTML
Conditional Statements
Loop Structures
Drag And Drop
External JavaScript Files
Lab – Add A Puzzle

4. Custom Media Controls
HTML5 Media Basics
Customizing The Controls
Tracking Playback
Moving The Playback Position
Volume Controls
Lab – Adding Play/Pause

5. CSS3
Intro To CSS3
Using Prefixes For Specific Browsers
CSS3 Colours And Backgrounds
CSS3 Gradients
CSS3 Borders
CSS3 Image Borders
Text Effects
Adding Your Own Web Fonts
Lab – Adding New CSS3 Styles

6. HTML5 Canvas
HTML5 Canvas Graphics
Fills And Strokes
Creating Paths
Rounded Corners
Arcs And Circles
Drawing Curves
Gradients Fills
Pattern Fills And Shadows
Canvas Text
Lab – Adding Canvas Graphics – Part 1
Lab – Adding Canvas Graphics – Part 2

7. Transforms And Animation
CSS3 Transforms
CSS3 Transitions
CSS3 Animation
Canvas Transforms
Canvas Animations
Lab – Create Photo Frames For Images

8. Geolocation
Geolocation Intro
Displaying Location
Error Handling
Lab – Adding Geolocation

9. Mobile Apps
Mobile App Web Storage
Web Storage With Numbers
Media Queries
JavaScript Arrays
Lab – Add Places
Lab – Show Places

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