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Lynda Windows 8.1 Essential Training

Lynda Windows 8.1 Essential Training

Introduction 1m 23s

Welcome 47s
Using the exercise files 36s

1. Getting Started 32m 40s
Assessing your hardware and Windows 8.1 versions 2m 43s
Getting familiar with the user interface 8m 11s
Exploring the Windows 7 desktop 6m 13s
Using touch screens and gestures 2m 8s
Switching between apps with Switcher 3m 50s
Personalizing Windows 8.1 7m 33s
Creating tile groups 2m 2s

2. File Explorer 43m 58s
Using the ribbon in File Explorer 10m 21s
Organizing folders and files 6m 22s
Customizing folder behavior 5m 28s
Searching for files and file contents 7m 22s
Creating easy access to files and folders 4m 56s
Using SkyDrive 4m 29s
Copying files in a single window 5m 0s

3. Windows 8.1 Apps 1h 11m
Managing mail with the Mail app 7m 46s
Keeping dates with the Calendar app 6m 59s
Managing contacts in the People app 9m 55s
Communicating with contacts using Skype 10m 13s
Working with photos 10m 58s
Reading text with the Reader app 4m 14s
Managing music with the Music app 8m 29s
Locating places with Maps 8m 29s
Timing things with Alarms 4m 19s

4. Other Windows Accessories 28m 18s
Typing text with Sticky Notes, Notepad, and WordPad 10m 30s
Creating graphics with Paint 10m 18s
Performing calculations with the Calculator 2m 55s
Taking screenshots with the Snipping tool 4m 35s

5. System Settings 31m 17s
Viewing your current system specs 4m 4s
Controlling sound device volume settings 7m 36s
Removing unwanted applications 2m 55s
Setting default programs 5m 26s
Setting accessibility options 8m 45s
Navigation settings for desktop lovers 2m 31s

6. Devices and Networking 20m 34s
Getting connected 4m 1s
Connecting PCs with HomeGroup 6m 29s
Connecting to another computer with Remote Desktop 2m 44s
Selecting sharing options for networks 3m 54s
Adding and removing devices 3m 26s

7. Windows Security 40m 48s
Keeping your PC secure with Windows Update 4m 26s
Viewing and resolving security issues with Action Center 3m 28s
Battling malicious software with Windows Defender 4m 52s
Controlling user account access 3m 53s
Secure your account with passwords and PINs 5m 51s
Using Parental Controls 10m 8s
Encrypting a drive with BitLocker 4m 22s
Using Encrypting File System (EFS) 3m 48s

8. Printing  12m 2s
Printing files directly from Windows 3m 27s
Printing files to the XPS format 4m 53s
Accessing and changing printer options 3m 42s

9. Troubleshooting and Backing Up 20m 43s
Finding issues in the Troubleshooting control panel 4m 10s
Fixing issues with the Problem Steps Recorder 4m 40s
Backing up with File History 5m 57s
Reversing a fatal crash with System Restore 3m 21s
Reseting your Windows 8.1 installation 2m 35s

Conclusion 40s
Next steps 40s

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