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Udacity – Android Developer Nanodegree Become an Android Developer – 13GB

Udacity – Android Developer Nanodegree Become an Android Developer – 13GB


Learn to develop for Android and transform your career outlook! This Nanodegree will provide a guided, efficient path for an intermediate developer with little or no experience on mobile platforms to emerge as an Android Developer.
By the end of the Nanodegree, you’ll have a diverse portfolio of projects to show employers, and will even publish your own app on the Google Play Store as part of the Capstone project.
This is an Intermediate Nanodegree Entering students are expected to have prior experience building applications (web or mobile) in Java or another object-oriented programming language.


Nanodegree Courses

Developing Android Apps Android Fundamentals
Advanced Android App Development Productionize and Publish Your App
Google Play Services
Google Play Services Location and Context
Google Play Services Analytics
Google Play Services AdMob
Google Play Services Maps
Google Play Services Identity
Gradle for Android and Java Build Better Apps Through Automation
Android Design for Developers Make Your Apps Material
Android Ubiquitous Computing Extend Apps to Wearables, TV and Auto
Nanodegree Project Portfolio

Personal App Portfolio

Design and build an app that shows off the apps that you’ll create as part of this Nanodegree.

Popular Movies, Stage 1

Build an app to help users discover popular and recent movies. You will build a clean UI, sync to a server, and present information to the user.

Popular Movies, Stage 2

Add onto your project from Stage 1 with a detail view for each movie, allowing users to ‘favorite’ movies, and adding a tablet layout.

Super Duo Productionize Two Apps

Productionize two apps, taking them from a functional state to a production-ready state. To do this, you will find and handle error cases, add accessibility features, allow for localization, add widgets, and add a library.

Build It Bigger

Use Gradle to build a joke-telling app, factoring functionality into libraries and flavors to keep the build simple. You’ll also configure a Google Cloud Endpoints development server to supply the jokes.

Make Your App Material

Implement Android design concepts and transform a functional newsreader app using material design techniques.

Go Ubiquitous

Let users access the weather at a glance by building a Sunshine watch face for Android Wear.

Capstone, Stage 1 Design, Scope and Plan Your App

Create a detailed plan, including UI mocks and technical specifications, for building your own app.

Capstone, Stage 2 Build and Polish Your App for Production

This is your chance to take the skills that you’ve learned across your Nanodegree journey and apply it to an app idea of your own.


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